Tourism Management Department

Tourism and hotel management The department of tourism and hotel management was founded in 2008 at Binaloud Institute of Higher Education, the first institute in Khorasan in which tourism management field was established. Primarily accepting students at AA level, the department subsequently began registering students at BA level in tourism management and then hotel management. Since 2016, Binaloud Institute of Higher Education was the first institute in the east of the country which held MA courses in ecotourism. Since 2017 tourism management at MA level in tourism marketing was added to the basket of this department. An icon of Binaloud Institute of Higher Education, this department has 5 permanent faculty members and many temporary lecturers from other universities. It has so far gone places.

Some of the accomplishments of this department are participation in scientific conferences and gatherings, attainment of high education ranks by its lecturers at country level and success of its graduates in university entrance exams at higher levels. currently the head of the tourism management department is Mr. Farid Javaherzadeh whose team of forty-member experts take proper measures for educating and training students.

Duration (Years)
Tourism management-tourism marketing
Introducing the field of tourism management

Tourism management is an iconic field in tourism industry and the institutes of higher education which was primarily established at Allmeh Tabatayi university in Tehran in 2005. The main feature of this major is its multidisciplinary nature. If we review the collection of the courses in this field, we realize they include management, mathematics and statistics, economy and accounting, languages and specialized tourism courses. Graduates of this field are capable of managing tours, tourist offices, transportation, hotels, entertainment centers and also taking part at consultation companies


This field is being taught in state universities, non-governmental universities, Payam-e-noor University and Applied and Scientific university (Elmi-Karbordi University) with various names. Now, the field of tourism management accepts students in marketing and development planning at MA level. Ecotourism and tourism planning are the minors of Geography at MA level. Since 2013 the PhD courses have also been established to fulfill the investigation and research needs of the country.

Job Market

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the job market in Iran, developed and developing countries. Statistically, tourism ranks third when it comes to revenue for governments, with energy and vehicles being first and second respectively. In terms of job market, it is the most dominant in the world. There are thousands of heritages and natural attractions in Iran, allowing it to hold the 10th rank with regard to historical attractions and 5th regarding natural attractions in the world. Therefore, it can be counted as a job creating industry in our country and also the world.

Considering the world changes and developments in industry in recent years, it is predicted that Iran will be an ever more attractive place for tourists. Foreign visitors are growing in number too. Governments are therefore advised to prepare the necessary infrastructure for this rising tide of visitors to Iran. One of the necessities of this change is sufficient number of experts in tourism so they can meet the needs of the market. Additionally, the holy shrine of Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam, has made Mashhad an important tourist center in a way 50% of hotels and inns are located there. The graduates of this field can take this opportunity and seek proper jobs in this market.