Psychology Department

Psychology Department The department of psychology at Binaloud Institute of higher education was established in 2017. Initially, 60 students enrolled to get proper training to become experts in the field of psychology. The head of the faculty is Dr. Mahboobeh Dargahi.

Duration (Years)
Introducing the field of psychology

Psychology is the knowledge of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists describe effective behaviors in humans (cognitive, affective, biological, hereditary, adaptive, social and family) along with high mental processes and after clarification, try to predict and control human behaviors.

Psychology as a science and academic discipline dates back to the early seventeenth and late eighteenth centuries. It can be said that psychology discoveries and research began from 150 years ago while other empirical sciences have longer histories. The issues related to mind and brain have obsessed thinkers for many centuries; works of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato are available. However, modern psychology as an academic discipline had not been addressed previously.

The minors of psychology

CPsychology, as an important player in various aspects of human life, has scientifically and practically made great progress in a way it has more than 80 practical branches some of which are:

Development and growth psychology, biological psychology, disorders psychology, cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, experimental psychology, transformational psychology, character psychology, physiologic psychology, social psychology, consultation, criminal psychology, health psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, sports psychology, school psychology, general psychology, children psychology, religion psychology, Islamic psychology.

Job Market

Psychology field job market Graduates of psychology at BA, MA and PhD levels can find a job related to psychology. They can seek employment in a wide range of places such as universities, research centers, governmental institutions, consultation centers, ministry of education, rehabilitation centers, kindergartens, companies and firms.