Landscape Engineering Department

Landscaping Engineering department began to work in 2006 with nearly 70 students. Since it was established for the first time in the east of Iran by Binaloud institute of higher education, it is considered a leading department in Khorasan province.

At the moment, there are approximately 100 students doing their BA in this department. It has 3 permanent faculty members and more than 10 temporary lecturers. The head of the department is Mr.Adel Alizadeh..

Duration (Years)
Landscaping engineering
Introducing the field of landscaping Engineering

To fulfill the needs of the country for training landscaping engineers and experts who are capable of planning, designing, maintaining and managing green space in cities, the supreme council of planning in the ministry of science, research and technology ordered the establishment of this discipline in its 261st session. Primarily founded in Tabriz University and then in the University of Tehran, this field was added to the curriculum of Binaloud institute of higher education in 2006, the first time in the east of the country.

The syllabus of this major includes general courses, gardening sciences (decorative plants), architecture, civil engineering and urban planning which students mingle with art and technology in a four-year period. The main feature of this major is its multidisciplinary nature which architecture, civil engineering and urban planning. The main focus of this field is gardening sciences (decorative plants orientation).

Major tasks of this field relate to designing, planting and developing decorative plants. The main objective of this discipline is training individuals capable of working as designers, managers, executive and supervisors of landscaping projects involving green space areas, villas, hotels, gardens, city parks, national parks and botany parks.

Students in this field are required to be enthusiastic for art, designing and map drawing so they can exploit decorative plants in residential, commercial and office areas. These include industrial zones, university campus, residential areas, hotels, hospitals, highways and pedestrian areas.

Landscaping engineering intends to provide human and human life with green space benefits through planting trees and decorative plants on sidewalks and creating landscapes which lessen air and noise pollution and preserve nature and the environment. Actually, landscaping engineering increases the quality of human life by means of the creation of green space in neighborhoods and, on a larger scale, cities. Since green space in a city is deemed to be the respiratory system of a city, it helps to boost the well-being and health of citizens who do not have the chance to enjoy natural views in their surroundings.

Job Market

Landscaping engineering job market All big cities require green space. Hence, parks and municipalities’ green space departments are ideal places for recruitment. Green space experts can work as designers, managers, supervisors and engineers in governmental and private offices or work as trainers in agriculture schools and the ministry of housing and urbanization.

Being multidisciplinary in nature, this field offers the chance for graduates to work in a wide range of places relating to civil engineering, architecture, gardening, urban planning and landscaping. The graduates of Binaloud institute of higher education have acted so successfully since they have appeared many firms as employees. The lecturers and teachers of this department are also working as high ranking managers in municipality offices and important state departments.