Industrial Management Department

Industrial Management Department The industrial management department of Binaloud Institute of Higher Education accepts students at BA and MA levels. The permanent faculty members and temporary lecturers, in the form of an expert team, try hard to mingle science and experience and offer industrial management concepts. Right now, the head of the industrial management department is Dr.Ehsan Molayi.

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Industrial Management
Industrial Management
Industrial Management- research in operation
Introducing the field of industrial management

The current century is defined through competition and productivity. To survive in this century, we should realize time and circumstances and make plans to best make use of them. This means that an industrial unit or a big corporation in which production or services are important in terms of both quality and quantity cannot function based upon traditional and hereditary management. Plans should be enacted by means of efficient management in various sections of an industrial unit like production section, service section or human resources section.

Industrial management has three dimensions: technical, financial and social-behavioral. The technical dimensions are presented in courses such as industrial accounting and the social-behavioral dimensions are expressed via organizational behavior, human resources management and management theories courses. Some of the courses in this field e.g. production management and operation deals with all the three dimensions.

The difference between industrial management and industrial engineering is that in the latter students deal with the technical aspect more than other dimensions; in industrial management field two other dimensions namely financial and behavioral are addressed likewise.

Offering industrial management courses at BA level is necessary because chaos and disorders in many business firms occur due to a lack of proper management. Instructing proper management can improve a society in the following ways:
- Recognition of the problems in relation to economy and trade and efforts at removing them
- Awareness of the most recent developments in management and of their applications based on the needs of the society, shunning mere imitation.
- The dominance of rules over relationships in business and industrial units

Job Market

Training managers does not mean training bosses. Training managers actually equals training individuals who can independently think and make decisions in their area of career and analyze the important and effective factors in it. Therefore, the graduates of this field can get employed in various organizations and industrial units with various levels of tasks and sophistication to play a key role in further developments and efficacy in their organizations. This happens through the awareness and recognition of organizational construct, management theories and techniques.