English Translation Teaching Department

English language Department The department of English language was established in 2006, the same year when Binaloud Institute of Higher Education was founded. 50 students initially registered in this department in the field of Translation. In 2015 TEFL was added to the department. Currently, 300 students are doing their BA in Translation and TEFL.

 The English language department of Binalood Institute of Higher Education has 3 faculty members and more than 30 visiting professors, all of whom have excellent language teaching backgrounds. In addition to English language courses, the group also offers all general language courses, specialized courses in various disciplines and a few French courses. Mr. Reza Varzeshi is currently managing the group.
It is also noteworthy that the English language translation department of Binalood Institute of Higher Education has had the highest number of admissions in the MA entrance exam among other nonprofit institutes in Mashhad.


Duration (Years)
Introducing Translation field

Translation field is one of university majors which teaches students how to translate from English to Persian and vice versa. This major is offered at AA, BA, MA and PhD in many Iranian universities and institutions of higher education.

The courses of this field are divided into three parts: general courses, specialized (basic) and specialized the first two of which are in common with the English literature course. As specialized courses, students of English translation will study highly specialized translation courses such as individual translation, advanced translation, translation of literary texts and theories and principles of translation. Needless to say, students of English Literature will study drama, novel and the history of English literature.

In the first few semesters, students learn the frameworks of translation and the comparison of languages, and translation theories are presented in as simple way as possible. In the last semester, various translation theories are thought and students are encouraged to adopt a holistic approach to translation. Meanwhile, students learn to translate simple, short, long, compound, complex sentences and move on to translating paragraphs and longer texts. Eventually, the translation of literary texts and texts with heavy content loads are instructed.

Introducing TEFL

T eaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a university field students can take up at Teacher Training Centers, Azad University and Institutes of higher education. The purpose of this field is to train human resources for the ministry of education, language institutes and other organizations. The syllabus resembles that of Translation field to a great extent. The only difference is that in TEFL, psychology related courses, consultation courses along with education management courses are offered as well.

It is also important to know that there are so many similarities among specialized courses, for example, ‘linguistics’ is offered in all the fields related to language.

Job Market

Since 2006 more than 600 students have graduated and most of them have become recruited in universities, translation offices, language institutes, international test centers, commercial offices and international organizations such as the UN. Moreover, a large body of the graduates in this field have managed to pursue their studies at MA and PhD levels.