Civil Engineering Architecture Department

Civil Engineering Department The civil engineering department of Binaloud Institution of Higher Education was established in 2010. The primary major of this department was Project Management Engineering at BS level.

This department has made a huge leap toward training the future experts of Iran through the establishment of executive civil engineering (BS level) and civil engineering (BS level) majors in 2016.

This department has employed three permanent faculty members from the most credited universities of Iran especially Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM) and the University of Tehran and more than ten temporary lecturers holding PhD and MSc who have committedly been training students. Currently, about 200 students are doing their BS in this department. The faculty head of this department is Dr. Mehdi Zadehmohammad.

Duration (Years)
Civil engineering
Civil engineering (executive)
Civil Engineering – Construction Management
Job Market

Construction activities have been expanding at both country and regional levels in Iran. Since construction projects are proliferating at country and regional levels; people’s needs for the provision of housing is dire, and the infrastructures of the country are being renovated, the job market of this major is an expanding one.

The graduates of this field are recruited in various organizations such as the ministry of power, the ministry of oil, the ministry of routs and urbanization, the national organization of fields and housing, new towns developments incorporation, housing and urbanization research centers, province halls, housing institution, urban and regional municipalities and their related offices like ancient textures renovation offices, renovation organization, the organization of precaution and crisis management etc.

just to name a few. Besides, consultation offices which design, calculate and observe construction projects in the country along with state and private construction and road making companies which enact these plans employ a large number of civil engineering graduates.