Business Management Department

Business management department The business management department of Binaloud Institute of higher education was founded in 2006. The first degree to offer was AA which was promoted to BA in the subsequent year.

This department accepted students at AA and BA levels until 2015 when the AA course was eliminated and replaced by business management at BA level. This department began offering MA course in Business management (financial management) in the same year. Since 2016 the financial management field has been converted to marketing which is more pleasant to students at this level. As a result, currently, this department is offering business management courses at BA and MA levels.

This department has employed 2 permanent faculty members and more than 40 temporary lecturers most of whom are PhD holders or candidates. The team are making great efforts to train highly qualified and skilled graduates for the market. Most of the graduates of this department have managed to obtain remarkably good positions in companies and corporations. Along with main courses, many other useful short term courses are being offered by this department. Right now, more than 230 students are doing their BA and MA degrees in this department. The head of the faculty is Dr. Zahra Mohammadzadeh.

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Business management
Business management
Business management- marketing
Introducing the Business Management field

Business Management was introduced to Iranian academic society in 1954 through a contract between the University of Tehran and Southern California University to train the employed managers in governmental and state organizations. Ever since not only it has been flourishing, but also the officials in the ministry of science, research and technology have constantly reviewed and upgraded this field to meet the demands of the job market. Applicants can enter university with divergent high school education backgrounds

The man objective of this field is to train human resources for private and governmental offices and organizations and to familiarize students with applied and scientific methods of management. Students are also expected to obtain entrepreneurship skills which enable them to create job opportunities for themselves and others. This field is one of the most popular university disciplines in Iran and the world because it views market events holistically and introduces a wide range of skills to students such as marketing, customer relations, strategic management, accounting, human resources management, psychological and behavioral topics, rules and regulations, foreign trade, import and export methods and decision making ways.

Students of business management should have the necessary skills required for the establishment and management of a successful business. They should also be capable of becoming an effective member for their organization through learning theories, solving problems and making decision, knowing organizational issues and ways for tackling them, and knowing marketing concepts and skills.

Job market of Business Management

Business Management graduates have more job opportunities compared with the graduates of other fields because they possess the skills required for job markets and business establishment. The graduates of this field can get a job in areas related to banking, insurance, stock market, employment offices, finance departments, foreign trade operations, import and export, organizational consultation, and research plans. As a matter of fact, business management is useful for anyone who own businesses and would love to improve them.