Accounting Department

Accounting department The accounting department of Binaloud institute of higher education was established in 2005. Offering courses at AA, BA and MA levels in 2007, 2010 and 2013 respectively, Binaloud institute of higher education became one of the leading centers to offer quality accounting courses and to train experts who help their country forward in the future.

The accounting department of Binaloud institute of higher education has currently employed 7 permanent faculty members and more than 50 lectures holding MA and PhD degrees from other universities and institutes. More than 500 students are doing their AA, BA and MA in this department. The head of the faculty is Dr. Hamid Bodaghi.

Duration (Years)
Accounting- scientific & applied
Introducing accounting

Accounting is as old as civilization, and it has evolved along with other disciplines and fields in the course of history in response to human needs. The increasing changes of today’s world have made accounting and the language of trade, used in recording and analyzing fundamental economical data in various organizations, very complicated.

Precise and accurate decision making based on reliable sources for the purpose of distributing and exploiting rare natural resources seems to be essential. Therefore, accounting plays a crucial role in the economy and social systems of every society. In the changing business world and industry, the role of accounting has gradually but practically evolved ranging from control, which is a natural result of an accountant, to business planning and economical predictions.

Accounting in Iran dates back to the primary civilizations which were formed in the country. The historical records reveal that there used to be a complex and unified financial system in the era of the Achamanians, and the revenues and the expenditures of the government were precisely recorded. Academically, accounting and auditioning were first introduced to Iranian universities in 1950’s when the first higher education institutes and private universities such as the supreme accounting institute of the ministry of oil and the university of office sciences and the supreme institute of accounting were founded. Currently, this major is being offered at AA, BA, MA and PhD.

The aim of the accounting field

Since the final product of accounting is the basis of decision making for managers, share holders, credit granters, governments, etc., it can be claimed that one of the objectives of the accounting field at university level is to train experts in gathering, sorting, recording, summarizing data and preparing financial reports which are based upon predefined criteria such as the standards and the principles of accounting.

Also, standardizing and upgrading the principles of accounting and reconsidering them within the theoretical frameworks compatible with environmental factors are among important and crucial issues in accounting. Hence, training experts who can fulfill the above expectations is another major goal of accounting.

Requirements of students

Accounting is one of the rare university fields which accepts students regardless of their high school education. However, given the fact that accounting is an applied and central unit in trade , students with an aptitude in mathematics are preferred.

Also, an accountant should be able to share reports well, therefore, great written and spoken skills are required. An accounting students should be capable of sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Dealing with numbers and digits, a trainee should be precise and accurate so they do not face difficulty adding up scores.

Other disciplines which students of accounting are encouraged to know are management principles, the theories of macro and micro economy, statistics, computer basics, trade and taxing rules, and the principles of the capital market.

Job market of accounting

In every business, accounting is deemed essential. Accounting is a basic language in every career and being familiar with the basics of accounting is essential for anyone seeking a career simply because they must know what they are doing. This is why accounting is so popular in the world today. Many of the accredited accountants are well-off and have managed to start their own businesses. The important thing to remember is that you can be in contact with all the layers of a business and even learn them.

The job market for an accountant is extensive at low and high levels. Although the number of universities, both governmental and private, which offer accounting is many and even growing, the number of the unemployed with a degree in accounting is lower compared with other disciplines. This is because all businesses be it a small financial unit or a big corporation require at least one accountant for the preparation of tax statements. The graduates of this field can get hired in a large number of sectors such as financial accounting, financial management, finances, tax, insurance, stock market etc. They can even seek recruitment in private or governmental companies or even work as freelance accountants.